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You saved my dog's life
Sent: Saturday, September 12, 2015 5:25 PM

Dear Joyce,

My husband and I have listened to your show for about 15 years now. I hear you from 808-859 every morning on KCXL as I drive to work. We have learned so many things from you, your guests and co-hosts over the years. We have seen you several times at the Get Prepared Expos, but did not get an opportunity to speak to you personally because so many people were waiting to talk to you. My Mom and I drove down to your "high rise" in Versailles last week to pick up an order I had placed last month but you were having your ozone treatment that day, so I did not get to speak to you again. I feel I need to tell you how very special you are to me even if I cannot tell you in person.

There are 3 special ladies in my life. My Mom, my mother-in-law and you. My mother-in-law passed away last year and when the family was going through the family home, my sister-in-law sent me the rose I had sent her for Mother's Day many years ago. I felt it appropriate to bring it to you to show my gratitude for everything you do. I have used may of your products over the years and I am going to tell you about some of the amazing results I have has using your products.

About 3 years ago, my husband's health started deteriorating. He lost 40 lbs. in about a month or two. We figured out that he was probably diabetic. I had to take him to the ER one night and his blood sugar was 480. They wanted to admit him, but he refused. They gave him 3 prescriptions: Metformin, a statin and something for his blood pressure. He started taking the drugs and soon realized this is not the way he wanted to be treated because he did not like the way the drugs were making him feel. I started researching natural ways to regulate the sugar naturally. I am happy to say that he has not been taking any medications for 2 years now and is taking R-lipoic acid, cinnamon and various other supplements to keep him healthy. He was laid off from his job shortly after he got his health in order. We were devastated. I know now that this was a blessing because the stress of his job was the biggest part of his health issues. He is also a 13 year Air force vet who was stationed an MacDill in the 80's & early 90's.

My Mom has gotten off her statin drug that she had been taking for over 10 years when I told her it causes diabetes and cataracts. She just had cataract surgery last year.

One of my co-workers came to me with a spider bite on her forearm. I had never seen edema this bad before in my life. I thought her skin would split wide open because there was no room to swell more than it already had. I advised her to go directly to the ER when she left work or sooner. I had to try to do something for her so I took out my Healthpoint machine and treated the area to try to neutralize the venom. I put Healon on the bite and put a bandaid on to keep the Healon over the bite. The next day all the swelling was gone and when I asked her if she had gone to the doctor and she said no and asked me if I could put some more of that honey mustard on the bite because it stopped the itching. I put more Healon on the bite and gave her some clay to use as a poultice. Another co-worker had a spider bite on his leg and he had the same results. He was so impressed he ordered a bottle of Healon the next day from you. His dog ate the bottle so I had to order another one for him when I placed my last order. The dog is just fine.

Here is another miracle. We have 5 dogs and 2 cats. I came home from work on Wednesday night and my husband asked me if I had seen Sally (one of our dogs who just turned 2 yrs old). I said yes and wondered why he asked. It is dark when I get home so I didn't get a good look at her. He said they all went for a walk earlier when the dogs came across a rattlesnake. He called the dogs, but Sally stayed by the snake. He said Sally jumped back quickly and stayed by his side the rest of the time they were on the walk. He looked for any indication of a bite but saw nothing. It is unusual for the younger dogs to stay close by when they go for walks.

I turned on the front porch light and was horrified at what I saw. The right side of Sally's face was twice the normal size and the left side was quite puffy. I put a charcoal tablet in a pill pocket and she had no interest in it whatsoever. I immediately took out the powdered activated charcoal and made a solution and put it in a syringe to try to get some of it in her. I mixed up some clay with water and plastered her face with the mixture. Once that was done, we brought her in the house so I could use the healthpoint machine on her. Let me tell you, she did not like that at all. My husband said "she doesn't like that" and I said " I don't care! I have to try everything I know to try to help her". He said Sally know how he feels when I insist on putting LAM cream on his forearm for the rash he has had for quite awhile. The rash would have been gone by now if he were a little more cooperative.

Sally's breathing was getting heavy and her heart rate was elevated. I then called our cousin who is a vet out of state and she said we had to take her to the ER immediately. We have taken 3 other animals to the ER and came back with 5 figures of debt and 3 graves to dig. I called all the animal ERs within 2 hours of our house and nobody had anti-venom. I was told that all they could do is give Sally fluids and pain medication. By the time I was done making all the phone calls, I noticed that Sally's breathing had calmed down and she was becoming more alert. We decided not to go to the ER because we did not believe it would only stress Sally out more than she already was. We watched her closely for the next couple of hours and she seemed to be stabilized.

My husband decided he would sleep on the floor next to her that night. He spread out the blanket on the floor, which the cats promptly took over, and went back to get his pillows. As soon as he put his pillows on the floor, Sally got up and walked to the door. We opened the door and she walked calmly outside and laid down on her pillow. We decided she would be more comfortable in her own environment. We checked on her several times and she was resting comfortably. I decided I would take her to the local vet in the morning.

My husband gets up earlier than I so he feeds the dogs. He said Sally had eaten an entire can of dog food without coming up for air so we figured the natural treatment did the trick. He didn't get any food for her initially, but decided to see if she would eat. Most of the swelling was already gone and she was acting nearly normal. We decided not to take her to the vet and I am thrilled to tell you that you cannot tell anything had ever happened to her only 3 days later. We have been giving the dogs probiotics and time challenger and I'm sure these things have helped in her speedy recovery.

You Joyce, YOU are the reason we have had these blessings. I can't ever thank you enough for educating me in the miracles of the natural remedies. I know you are already blessed by the people who work for you. I enjoyed meeting the Power Mall crew last week and Sarg. He is really cute.

In closing, I wanted to play a song for you when I was there. Perhaps Josh can find

Two Hangmen by Mason Proffit and play it for you. I think it would be the perfect theme song for your program. Please know you are loved by so many. I'm sure only a fraction of the people who feel the same way we do ever take the time to tell you how incredible you are. Thank you for everything you do and especially helping those who are so dear to me.

Love ya,




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