Technicians, Tech-Nerds, and Technology: How An Underground Network of Media Activists & Computer Geeks Are Re-Shaping the Fight Against the Corporate Elites.

--By Paul Verge


With the creation of the printing press by Johannes Gutenberg around 1440, the abilities of people to read, write, and share knowledge began to spread at a faster pace than previously known in ‘official history’.

Over the next several hundred years, many millions of books were circulated throughout populations, and had rapidly, as Francis Bacon said, “changed the whole face and state of things throughout the world.”

Upon reaching the 19th century, Printing Presses were upgraded to steam-powered rotary presses, which allowed printing on a massive Industrial scale.  Modern daily newspapers were born.

Using these tools of mass communication, the emerging industrial Elites sought to control both public consumption and private competition, through the careful use of the Newspaper Services – the natural progression of daily/weekly Local, National and International “News”.

Because the public at large did not have their own printing presses, the common people were pretty much at the mercy of Newspaper Magnates like William Randolph Hearst.  Characterized in the brilliant film, “Citizen Kane”, Hearst’s once mighty media empire was respected and feared for its ability to make or break the reputation of any person, business or industry through its large circulation, and influence on an undiscerning public.

This ability to smear enemies and suckle up to special interests earned the title “Yellow Journalism”, and eventually, Hearst’s over-extension and short-sightedness resulted in his media empire’s dismantling.  Others plotted more diabolical long-term agendas.

From the U.S. Congressional Record February 9, 1917, page 2947:

“In March, 1915, the J.P. Morgan interests, the steel, ship building and [gun]powder interests and their subsidiary organizations, got together 12 men high up in the newspaper world and employed them to select the most influential newspapers in the United States and sufficient number of them to control generally the policy of the daily press in the United States.

These 12 men worked the problems out by selecting 179 newspapers, and then began, by an elimination process, to retain only those necessary for the purpose of controlling the general policy of the daily press throughout the country. They found it was only necessary to purchase the control of 25 of the greatest papers. The 25 papers were agreed upon; emissaries were sent to purchase the policy, national and international, of these papers; an agreement was reached; the policy of the papers was bought, to be paid for by the month; an editor was furnished for each paper to properly supervise and edit information regarding the questions of preparedness, militarism, financial policies and other things of national and international nature considered vital to the interests of the purchasers.”

Newspapers were great at constantly lobbing propaganda, fear, and feeding potential profits, but required the user to read, and sometimes even use their brain.

Radio and Television were the next logical progression in delivery of both sensory and informative communications.  Radio could deliver live broadcasts of News, Speeches, and Music, while Television could convey a visual image tied to sound, resulting in the TV watchers near-immersion in real time.

The director of “Citizen Kane” - the late Orson Welles - was also famously involved in the 1938 “War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, which simulated a real live alien invasion, sending millions of duped and panicked listeners into the streets.  It was later revealed that this incident was funded and staged by CD Jackson for the Rockefeller Foundation, to research how the public would react to a mass projection of Live Propaganda.


No other invention has aided in “Catapulting the Propaganda” for Business, Government and Entertainment than the Television Set.  No other invention has aided in both (mis)Informing AND Dumbing-down of humanity than the TV.

The person on TV can now address you through the screen, seemingly looking you in the eyes, to inform you of the day’s happenings, or to sell you a product, or even to entertain yourself and family.  TV Watchers are still passive receivers, but more engaged, especially on an emotional level.

The TV itself helps put the brain into an Alpha State, which allows information to be uniformly downloaded into the brain’s subconscious, away from those pesky Conscious processes like Discernment and Critical Thinking.

As the rise of Television’s popularity has overtaken Books and Reading, the opportunity for profit and corruption has not been overlooked by the emergent Corporate Elites.

With over 100 years of solid propaganda experience, and armed with the fact that, as Allen Dulles asserted, (most) “American’s Don’t Read”; the Industrial, Banking & Intelligence Elites felt comfortable with their researched estimations that only 13% of people use real Critical Thinking, whereas 87% form their opinions based on what they are told by others, with little or no due diligence.

If that were the end of the story, then that just might be The End of The Story…. But then…

Al Gore invented the Internet.  Ok, wait - he didn’t invent the internet, but he pretty much did make up “man-made” Global Warming!  Never mind that Volcano’s and Ocean Tankers release more CO2 into Earth’s atmosphere than ALL other CO2 “polluting” sources combined – Sorry to burst that bubble, because Corporate Pollution of our Food, Water, Air, and Brains is still a very real, and very present problem.

But what about that Internet?

Simply put, with Tim Berners-Lee inventing Web-Browsing, it revolutionized things in a way that is still unfolding in 2010.  Data can now be stored and easily Organized into useful Knowledge.  A Google or Wikipedia search often acquires “mostly” accurate information within seconds, changing not only our learning habits, but our actual ability to learn has only begun to evolve in the last 20 years.


With a near unrestricted free-flow of information regardless of most borders, the Internet has connected people and their Consciousness all over the world.

Between open-minded researchers, a more accurate conspiratorial view of history is unfolding and echoing its lessons to us in the present, while our ability to analyze and dream of the future has directly contributed to a mass awakening of Consciousness for what some may argue is the first time for our planet.

All previous major technological progressions were used heavily out of balance, in favor of whichever elites or groups cunning enough to exploit, leverage, or steal the technology in order to spread their message, while the common lay person sat passively receiving as a (usually) uncritical end-user.

The internet has allowed us to get truly outside the box, and, in the face of the idealist “heroic myth” of Survival of the Fittest, it has allowed us to join our Consciousness back into a form of unity, revealing that our true spiritual evolution will rely on Survival of the Most Cooperative.

Individuals can now come together in the virtual spaces humanity has collectively created and contributed to, and they have an opportunity to learn the basic essentials of a variety of perspectives, facts & opinions in a matter of hours.  People are re-discovering those Lost Tools of Learning, and remembering to learn ‘How To Learn Properly’.

The classical Trivium and Quadrivium methods of learning and critical thinking have been exorcised from our modern public education system, and humanity has suffered greatly for it.

Consisting of ‘Grammar’, ‘Logic’, and ‘Rhetoric’, the TRIVIUM is a tried and true methodology used for thousands of years to aid in distinction and discernment and provide a commonly used system of identifying Knowledge (Grammar), Understanding (Logic), and the Wisdom to Communicate (Rhetoric) effectively and accurately.

Because the Internet is full of SO MUCH information, we are required to sift through information, first seeking knowledge via data mining, secondly assembling what has been gathered into a logical & understandable hypothesis, and then finally sharing that organized knowledge with others in a way that they will understand, criticize, & hopefully accept.

The Trivium can be applied to almost anything we learn or do in our daily lives, and its integration into our thought processes allows us to make better reasoned and informed decisions, as well as giving us tools to communicate thoughtfully & effectively, which improves everyone’s lives!

It’s like upgrading the Operating System of your Brain from Windows 95 to Windows 7, MAC OS X , and Linux OS combined! (for you cool tech-nerds out there)

The Internet’s Inter-webbing of Consciousness is leading to Soul-utions in 2 forms:

1)    We are more aware of the REAL problems facing humanity, so that we are more efficient with our time and energy – addressing Root Causes, instead of dealing only with problematic symptoms. Proper identification of the true problems leads to logical discussion between concerned people, who then co-operate to create solutions.

2)    As more people join the network of open-minded but critically thinking solution seekers, the growth in the overall level of consciousness (raising of collective vibration) expands exponentially, presenting further achievable, effective & sustainable solutions.

An example might be the use of Free Energy or Hemp-based products.  Alone, and on an individual basis, we may not have the expertise to be able to build our own Free Energy device, or plant our own Hemp garden but within the ever-growing collective group there may be 5 or 6 or more people able to offer blueprints, building assistance, or even a completed product in return for a product, service or assistance within the group.


These groups are logically already being built on the Local level now and as they reach higher memberships, branching via the Internet, they expand to the State, National, and International levels.

Groups types you can find and research include Food Co-ops, Water-Hydrogen fuel & Bio-fuel Conversion facilities, local Community Gardens, Free Education Groups, Legal Advocacy groups, Veteran & Human Rights, Health Co-ops, and even Banking/Credit co-ops.  There are all kinds of organized scientists, engineers, growers, hackers, militias, activists, video & filmmakers, and we must acknowledge all the people who have yet to speak with their voice, but consciously express themselves via voting with their Fork, and their Dollar.

It is true the elites created the Internet via the Advanced Research Project Agency, and it was originally called the ARPAnet.  It is true that the Internet still retains its darker manifestations, such as the agenda of nefarious Personal data mining, spreading of pornography and degrading imagery, and an almost overwhelming body of near-anonymous opinions covering the most inane and trivial subject matter.

However, the newest generation of Web savvy researchers & activists have learned to harness the Web’s power of Viral Mass Communication, in order to spread an empowering message of Peace, Prosperity and Freedom.  The People who ‘wake up’, (often thanks to what they learn while connected to the Web) often do not go back to sleep, but instead go on to wake others up!

The Corporate Elites are very few in relative numbers, but have Billions of (illusory) Dollars to propagandize, poison, persecute, and proselytize. 

Ironically, all we need is a few Hundred, then a few Thousand, then a few Million people with a strong desire to wake up, to Say NO!; to Stop Consenting, Stop Acquiescing, & Stop the Apathy; to join up with like-minds and get active in constructively sharing the truth without using Fear, Force, or Fallacies.

If people are still on the fence, but don’t want to contribute to the void of apathy, then they can do some research and support those at the grassroots level who are putting it all on the line, speaking truth to power and representing the Common Ground we all share and agree upon.

I say we are past half-way there already.  We are ready not to stand in front and behind one another like Sheep, but to stand together – Side by Side, just like a police line, and start beating our critical-thinking shields shouting “No More Lies! NO MORE CORRUPTION!”

This may be a war, and the bad guys may be using their wide scaled war of Propaganda and Attrition, but, as Sun-Tzu has revealed in his “Art of War”, it is the Guerilla style of warfare that always wins out.  The warmongering Elites need us to fight ourselves so they can win.  They need us to be ignorant and uncaring.  They need us to be inhuman to each other, and police each other because they simply CANNOT control us all…  There is a reason they are taught the Hegelian Dialectic in Private School.

Although it sometimes feels tempting, we don’t need to shoot them with guns when we can just shoot them with Camera’s and then shame them back into their caves & underground cities & phallic towers.


By integrating the Trivium method of learning, we inoculate ourselves from Propaganda and Lies, and have a stronger foundation upon which we can weigh even the heaviest of information, without tipping the scales with our conditioned emotional reactions.

Without that essential Critical Thinking, we can be molded, conditioned and tricked into giving our energy away, buying into needless fear instead of dealing with it, and even be fooled into hating a person or group not from personal experience, but from 3rd party hearsay!

The name of their game is Divide & Conquer, so we have to change the rules, or even the game to Unite & Prosper!

Sharing information, media, and constructive discussion via online communities such as ‘’ is just one way of coming together with like minds to create empowerment and awareness.  Utilizing Organizational Visual software, like “The Brain” [], is another way.  Creating videos or podcasts to share your perspective is another.  Opening your heart, mind, and soul to new info without overreacting emotionally is yet another way.

The downfall of the Rich Corporate Elites comes from what they regard as their biggest strength – Their “Satanic” Ego Worshipping fills them with so much hubris that they feel their plan is fool proof, and that most people are too dumb to wake up, realize it, and take constructive action.

Only a small handful of the Elites realize the implications of the useful tools they have unwittingly provided, which will contribute to their own dismantling.

A “deeply troubled” Zbigniew Brzezinski (National Security Advisor to Pres. Obama and former Pres. Jimmy Carter) is reported to have said, “The only thing I truly fear is a global awakening of mass consciousness”.

Since the internet and the people using it constructively to raise true awareness appear to be the true catalysts of a “global awakening of mass consciousness”, then perhaps what old Zbiggy should have said is:

“I am afraid of what truth people will learn while connecting to web of mass consciousness because it will ultimately mean the end of our elitist pursuits of profit, power, and control.”

The elites NEED their paid-expert technicians to run the technology they have created to enslave us, for they cannot do it themselves.  Many directors of the CIA have admitted to lacking the knowledge to even send an E-mail!

We The People are becoming We The Tech-Nerds; we who have seen the light, realized the truth, and learned to harness the technology to counter the Authoritarian Agenda, ultimately spreading constructive awareness while sharing sustainable solutions.

Zbigniew Brzezinski & his Elitist Cohorts have good reason to be fearful… Their time is nearly up…

--Paul Verge has written and performed for,, and while labouring as a Filmmaker in Vancouver, Canada.  His company, Divergentfilms has produced Paul's documentary films, "Hijacking Humanity", and the brand new "Believers Beware: Consumption Control" which are viewable at &