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Dr. Wallach's suggestions from July 29, 2013 Power Hour Show


Dr. Wallach’s List of Item’s he takes:  He weighs 162 lbs. 74 years old;  He’s never been on a prescriptions for 65 years.   


2 Healthy Start Paks a month  (the 90 nutrients 2 times a day)  (1 healthy start pak per 100 lbs)
Breakdown of H.S.P.:  1 oz. Osteo fx plus breakfast and 1 oz. through dinner with food,
2 scoops of BTT Beyond Tangy Tangerine OR 2.0 at breakfast and 2 scoops of BTT OR 2.0 at dinner. 
NOTE: 2 scoops of Beyond Tangy Tangerine 2.0 raises ORAC to (8,000)  or 4 scoops to (16,000) ORAC a day.
3 – EFA’s Plus 2 times a day – breakfast & dinner, Omega’s 3,6,9 in proper ratio (prevents pulmonary embolisms esp. when flying a lot) fish oils  (2 Large bottles a month)
3 – EFA 2 times a day – breakfast & dinner, this is flax oils (2 large bottles a month)
3 – Smart  FX 2 times a day – DHA’s & EPA’s prevents Parkinsons, lou garigs disease, for brain health and reduces risk for Alzheimers Disease.  
3 – Selenium 2 times a day, protects from Oxidative damage from free-radicals, if anything slips through my defenses or awareness.  It’s a Cellular armour. 
3 – SweetEze 2 times a day.  Prevent type 2 diabetes.  (98 % of diabetes in America is type 2 diabetes and it’s is not genetic- it’s mineral deficiency, also Gluten Intolerance or absorption deficiency)  (Gluten intolerance is passed through the umbilical cord) 


Subject switched to talking about Cancer –
He personally says he’d NEVER take Chemo Therapy.   
Change diet.  Nothing burnt, eat Raw, Do Juices, there is a CD set- Juice Cures – available at Power Hour team.   
Eat:  Eggs.. perfect food, protein good for immune system.  Per 100 lbs, eat 6 eggs per day.  Poached with soft yolk, soft boiled with soft yolk, soft soft scrambled in butter.  You’re getting all 90 essential nutrients in eggs because they supplement chickens. 
3 Selenium 2 times a day for 100 lbs.  stage 4 cancer.  Get Antioxidant level up – ORAC up above 100,000 a day per 100 lbs.; 200 lbs - 150,000 ORAC a day per, 300 lbs. - 200,000 ORAC a day.  You can bring up the ORAC by taking 6 Triple Treat Chocolate over 100,000. 
6- Triple Treat Chocolate a day
Or 5 Cell Shield RTQ  2 times a day to get over 100,000 ORAC.
3 Beyond Juice 2 times a day.  Dr. Wallach says he takes for his weight – 51 dried juices in there.  Capsules. 
6 - OPCT Capsules a day.


NO GMO’s.  Organic carrots has 3 minerals, non Organic has 16 minerals.  Even when eating organic you need to supplement.


He takes more items - around 75 tablets, capsules plus liquid each day!


Dr. Wallach’s breakfast:
Steak (Medium Rare - Medium)  NO TO RUBS on it!  (No to Well done or burnt meats – increases cancer)
4 poached eggs medium
Cottage cheese
Fruit bowl
Sliced Tomatoes


AVOIDWell cooked & burnt Meats, Meats with Nitrites, Nitrates, ie. Deli meats, sausage, sandwich meats, ham, bacon, bologna, salami, pepperoni, jerky.   Trans Fatty Acids which are Salad Oils, Mayonnaise, Cooking Oils, Canned fish packed in Oil, (Water, mustard, & tomato sauce Ok).



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