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Week of JUNE 27 - JULY 1, 2016:

MONDAY - JUNE 27, 2016:

2nd Hour Open Lines

JAMES CORBETT of "The Corbett Report" will discuss current events from around the world and share his thoughts on the Brexit vote.
Websites: &
The Corbett Report on YouTube:

To call the show live: 1-855-995-6923 - International Callers: 00+ 1+ 612-465-7370

Today's Show is Audio Archived at:

June 27, 2016 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Joyce Riley
June 27, 2016 (hour 2) - Additional News + Open Lines
June 27, 2016 (hour 3) - Guest James Corbett

TUESDAY - JUNE 28, 2016:

Relieving pain and inflammation for a multitude of ailments is the reason for Topricin - an all natural topical product. LOU PARADISE will share how his products are helping many people including many veterans.
New Power Mall Product: MyPainAway FIBRO Cream
To order all Topricin Products discussed on today's show please visit 24/7 or call 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri 8 to 4 PM CT.

DAVE KRIEGER will be joining the show today to discuss foreclosure fraud.
David's new book, The "Quiet Title War Manual" can be purchased from The Power Mall by calling 877-817-9829.
The "Quiet Title War Manual" is a must for attorneys and all litigants! Put on the whole armor of the truth! Arm yourself with education!
** Additional books by David Krieger available at The Power Mall: Clouded Titles & The Credit Restoration Primer, new 5th additional

To call the show live: 1-855-995-6923 - International Callers: 00+ 1+ 612-465-7370

Today's Show is Audio Archived at:

June 28, 2016 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Joyce Riley
June 28, 2016 (hour 2) - Guest Lou Paradise
June 28, 2016 (hour 3) - Guest Dave Krieger

WEDNESDAY - JUNE 29, 2016: Unexpected Rebroadcast Due to Technology Failure!!!

1st Hour Replay:

Are you and your family self-reliant? Will you be able to provide for them and keep them safe? The best way to prepare for the future is not through fancy tools and gadgets-it's experience and knowledge that will best equip you to handle the unexpected. Listen to author
DAVID NASH discuss his books "52 Unique Techniques" & "52 Prepper Projects" which will give you the knowledge and skill sets that will make you better prepared for whatever life throws your way.
"52 Unique Techniques" & "52 Prepper Projects" are now available at The Power Mall by calling 877-817-9829.

2nd Hour Replay:

Joining Joyce this morning is
JOE CROSS to discuss his new film The Kids Menu which addresses childhood obesity. Joe is a filmmaker, entrepreneur, author and wellness advocate. He directed, produced and was the subject of the award-winning documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. His website,, has become an integral meeting place for a community of more than one and a half million Rebooters worldwide.
** Joe's new film The Kids Menu can be purchased by calling The Power Mall at 877-817-9829

3rd Hour Replay:

PETER BEDARD joins Joyce on the show today to share his personal experience with healing pain with energetic love.

Book: "Convergence Healing, Healing Pain with Energetic Love"

To call the show live: 1-855-995-6923 - International Callers: 00+ 1+ 612-465-7370

Today's Show is Audio Archived at:

June 29, 2016 (hour 1) - Replay of Guest David Nash
June 29, 2016 (hour 2) - Replay of Guest Joe Cross
June 29, 2016 (hour 3) - Replay of Guest Peter Bedard

THURSDAY -  JUNE 30, 2016:

DANIEL BRIGMAN joins TPH to discuss a brand new line of Organic NuManna Storable Foods. The NuManna Food Storage family has been concerned about preparedness and self-sufficiency for most of their lives. NuManna foods are gluten, soy, and GMO free!
Book: Forever 1776 by Daniel Brigman (available online at

To order NuManna Storable Food, please call The Power Mall at 877-817-9829 or simply order online at

Join JOHN WILLARD III today as he discusses the benefits and science behind Willard's Water. Willard's Water has incredible benefits and should be used at the same time any supplements are taken to aid in absorption! John will also discuss the PlantCatalyst water and how it can benefit your garden this year.
"Doc Willard's Wonder Water" - The "60 Minutes" program originally aired November 23, 1980. Click HERE to watch

To call the show live: 1-855-995-6923 - International Callers: 00+ 1+ 612-465-7370

Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
June 30, 2016 (hour 1) - News LIVE with host Joyce Riley
June 30, 2016 (hour 2) - Guest Daniel Brigman
June 30, 2016 (hour 3) - Guest John Willard III

FRIDAY - JULY 1, 2016:  Rebroadcast

1st Hour Replay:

Charcoal expert
JOHN DINSLEY will share what activated charcoal is and how it can be used to treat many different problems. From bee stings and spider bites, to poison and toxins in your system, this is a must have addition to any home as it can save your life or the lives of your loved ones including your pets!
For all charcoal products and John Dinsley's book "Charcoal Remedies" please visit 24/7 or call 1-877-817-9829 Mon-Fri 8 to 4 PM CST.
Additional Book: Charcoal: Startling New Facts About the World's Powerful Clinical Absorbent by Calvin Thrash M.D. and Agatha Thrash M.D.

2nd & 3rd Hour Replay:

PHILIP HANEY is a former Customs and Border Protection officer who previously worked in the Middle East. Haney, the author of a book published about his experience as a DHS whistleblower titled See Something, Say Nothing, warned that the case against the NYPD is helping foster "a subtly coercive, politically based policy that will lead to what we're seeing in Europe." In See Something, Say Nothing, Haney exposes just how deeply the submission, denial and deception run. Haney's insider, eyewitness account, supported by internal memos and documents, exposes a federal government capitulating to an enemy within and punishing those who reject its narrative.

Today's Show is Audio Archived at:
July 1, 2016 (hour 1) - Replay of Guest John Dinsley
July 1, 2016 (hour 2) - Replay of Guest Philip Haney
July 1, 2016 (hour 3) - Continuation of replay of Philip Haney


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